Apps I use daily on MacOS

A shoutout to some awesome apps.

Keeping you awake — Quick “Do not sleep” toggle

Just a click on the app icon will toggle a “Do not sleep” mode. So handy! Whenever you know you don’t want your Mac to sleep — perhaps you’ll be back shortly, or just don’t want to interrupt whatever process is active and ongoing on your Mac.

Website —

Muzzle — auto do not disturb

If you’re doing screenshare, you might forget to turn off notifications. Well, this app keeps your sanity check. Whenever it detects an app is sharing your screen, it will auto-enable the “Do not disturb” mode on your Mac and remove all those notifications you’d normally get. Once screenshare stops, the “Do not disturb” mode is toggled back off.

Website —

There are lots of window managers out there, Rectangle is the one I prefer. With a couple of shortcuts, Rectangle allows me to quickly switch the window I use to full screen, half screen, middle left/right etc.. you get the idea. Easy and handy.

Website —

[Paid] — removes background noise on your mac

Works great tbh. Had meetings on the go, with noisy backgrounds. The app removes all background noise, allowing for clean audio experience. I’m impressed.

Website —

[Dev tool] Gasmask — GUI for your hosts file

Hosts file editor for Mac, allowing quick hosts file changes, with multiple profiles if you need to switch environments for example.

Got any you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments!




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