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  • Jenna Katheryn

    Jenna Katheryn

    23. Currently writing my way through my twenties. | Email: jennathewriter@outlook.com

  • Aleksandar Svetski

    Aleksandar Svetski

    Founder @ www.amber.app. Editor @ https://bitcointimes.news. Bitcoin, Money, Philosophy, Business, Startups & Entrepreneurship. Podcast: Anchor.fm/WakeUpPod

  • Satyajit Sahoo

    Satyajit Sahoo

    Front-end developer. React Native Core Contributor. Codes JavaScript at night. Crazy for Tacos. Comic book fanatic. DC fan. Introvert. Works at @Callstackio

  • Walter van Woudenberg

    Walter van Woudenberg

  • Ricardo Savidan

    Ricardo Savidan

    Why don’t you read my blog?

  • Tea Blazeska

    Tea Blazeska

  • Llorenç Muntaner

    Llorenç Muntaner

    Javascript Instructor. New course at introtoweb.dev

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