Stand Ups: A List of Top Comedians & Shows I Loved

My friend texted me once asking me who the best stand up was that he should watch and you know what he got? Nothing because apparently, I was still typing…

No, but seriously, there are so many amazing stand-ups these days that you can’t just choose one and stick to them.

Each stand-up comedian has their own way of making you laugh and sometimes pushing you away from the void that’s been eating you up for a long time. They are more than just people; they are…therapists.

The stand up comedians who tell stories throughout their show, those are my favorites.

Watching stand-up comedians can make your life a little humorous and it’s undoubtedly a great way to escape from societal problems, social media affairs and your ex who keeps pinging you just because they haven’t found anyone yet.

Therefore, I have created a list of the best stand-ups to watch when you’re feeling the blues! But don’t worry, I won’t leave you on typing…

From Ricky Gervais, Daniel Sloss, to Dave Chappele, here are some of the best stand up comedians and their shows. The order of the shows doesn’t matter, they all have their A game on.

Note: I tried to add streaming links where possible.

Louis C.K

Apart from all the controversies, Louis C.K’s stand-ups always get a standing ovation. The writer, actor, and filmmaker has won many awards for Louie, Oh My God, and the Chris Rock Show. Many people think that Louis is one — no, the only greatest comedians of all time and what makes him unique is that he speaks about our darknesses as if they were just a cartoon-network show! He gives the feels, the vibes and he most certainly gets you.

Stand up shows to watch: Live at the beacon theater (2011), Oh My God (2013), Hilarious (2010) — Netflix
TV series to watch: Horace & Pete (2016)

Ricky Gervais

You know people say that cracking jokes on religion, life, pedophiles, anything and everything isn’t humane, but this English comedian thinks otherwise. He has compelled his audience with ironical jokes that are just plain and simple but clearly amusing and sometimes, off-track but conversational.

Stand up shows to watch: Humanity (2018) — Netflix, Out of England (2008)
TV Series to watch: After Life (2019)

Kevin Hart

Everybody loves Kevin Hart. His delivery is great, his narrative is even better. He won some amateur comedy when starting and is now one of the most respected stand up comedians. You can’t go wrong with his shows. Aside from standup, he’s also a known actor and producer. In 2015 Kevin Hart was named one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine.

Stand up shows to watch: Let Me Explain (2013) — Netflix, I’m a grown little man (2009)— DailyMotion

Daniel Sloss

He is an award-winning Scottish teen comedian who eventually broke up almost 11,000 relationships with his stand-up show, Jigsaw. He has starred in various T.V programs such as Conan, and The late late Show with Craig Ferguson. If you’re truly looking for authenticity and perhaps a little gender-oriented comedy, then Sloss’ stand-up is what you need with a plate of nachos and chilled beer.

Stand up shows to watch: Dark Live Shows (2018) — Netflix

Bill Burr

This American stand-up and podcaster is yet another a comedy genius who speaks about current events, dating, conspiracy theories, feminism, and self-deprecation. His arguments are more than just opinions that we — like it or not — can agree with but what makes him exceptional is his way of cloaking his arguments as absurd and a joke. So even if he is telling the truth, his tone will eventually give you the sense that he’s just kidding with ya. Isn’t that what we all need in this century? A little democratic humor?

Stand ups to watch: Paper Tiger (2019) — Netflix, You people are all the same (2012) — Netflix, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way (2014) — Netflix,

Jim Jefferies

Australian-American stand up comedian. Moved to US, recorded a couple stand up shows, hosts late-night talk show, and TV series. He’s one of those comedians who tell stories, aspiring to be genuine and says what others are afraid to. His political comments are often controversial, quoted by news media and followed by controversy.

Stand up shows to watch: This is me now (2018) — Netflix, Freedumb (2016) — Netflix

Neal Brennan

Director, Writer, Comedian. If you want a good therapy that will take away your most inner and vital pain, then Neal Brennan is for you. Why? Because Neal Brennan is this man who understands the emotions and the hurt but also has the courage to find comedy and incorporate both of these things to give us a delicious sandwich that is gone in seconds. Switching from one microphone to another, Neal has moved some of the hearts but also has given valuable insights that make this show exceptional.

Stand ups to watch: 3 Mics (2017) — Netflix

Gad Elmaleh
Gad, the famous Moroccan stand-up comedian who attained his reputation in France and French Canada, is an underrated comedian but clearly well-known in France, is slowly building his career in the States. However, his first English comedy special that premiered on Netflix, Gad Elmaleh: American Dream is terrific. His stand-ups speak about his daily-life, relationships, and culture shock with a pinch of homely translated french jokes. Gad is the one stand-up that you need to see if you ever want to be a part of the emotional yet hilarious verbal yearbook of his incidents in the States.

Stand up shows to watch: American Dream (2018) — Netflix, Gad Gone Wild (2017) — Netflix

Dave Chappelle
Famous for his satires, insult comedy and surreal humor, the American comedian, actor, writer, and producer is what people are looking for these days to get away from the stresses of this world and maybe time away from their lovers. Chappelle’s stand-ups are rather poetical, artistic and just pure raw like honey mixed with cinnamon. His comedy is filled with honesty and even though often he crosses the border of humor (and that’s highly appreciated), you can’t help but laugh at it.

Stand up shows to watch: Sticks & Stones (2019) — Netflix, Dave Chappelle (2017) — Netflix

In my opinion, these are some of the best stands up that I recommend you all to watch. So if you’re bored or feeling unwell or are just ditching school or skipping office, then charge your laptop or whatever and get ready to have your stomach tickled!

Finding good quality shows, tv series, movies — is hard. An app I use for it, is Binge (you can follow me here — On it, people rate and share what they watch, making it easier to find new/trending shows from people you follow.

I love a good Stand up comedy show, please recommend any I might have missed. Thanks for reading.



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